On July 14th, Shabazz Palaces will release Quazarz: Born on a Gangster Star and Quazarz Vs. the Jealous Machines, a pair of companion albums about Quazarz, a “sentient being from somewhere else.” They’ve released a handful of songs from both albums—most notably “Shine a Light” feat. Thaddillac—and today they share “When Cats Claw,” an investigation of the nature of cool.

Your endeavors how they’re lackluster,” Ishamel Butler taunts, his voice bamboozled by a thick delay effect. “You’re unfamiliar with the G customs.”

Listen to “When Cats Claw,” and read Shabazz Palaces ~illuminating~ new Rolling Stone interview here.

Quotable Lyrics

Only thing on your mind is getting cake
Your whole state of mind nigga, that’s fake
Your value to the bay, inflated
You just making moves, huh? Checkmate