Lil Yachty just dropped “Bring It Back,” a new track him his upcoming Teenage Emotions. In keeping with the album’s title, “Bring It Back” sounds like something straight out of The Breakfast Club – the John Hughes coming-of-age classic, not the radio show. Over eighties style synths, Yachty croons an autotuned drenched melody, pining for the one that got away. For someone who is reportedly happy all the time, the vibe on this one is straight up wistful. Maybe there’s a tortured soul hiding behind the jovial veneer. 

The track indicates that Teenage Emotions will be a sonically diverse journey. While this track will probably not convert any Yachty haters out there, it does show that the young artist is more versatile than he appears. “Bring It Back” is available internationally on Apple Music, and will be available for download upon pre-ordering the full album. 

Quotable Lyrics

You’ve been gone for too long,
I know you happy with but you was happier with me,
All the times at the beach, 
All the sand in your toes, all your friends hatin’ hoes,
They just mad ’cause we be goals