A couple of months ago, DJ Khaled revealed the title of his forthcoming album “Grateful” at a special event in which he was decked out in pink from head to toe, highlighted by an exclusive pair of the unreleased “Arctic Orange” Just Don x Air Jordan 2.

Seeing DJ Khaled in a pair of unreleased kicks isn’t all that shocking, he routinely gets shipments of Js well before they hit retailers, but the pink Just Don x Air Jordan 2s are even more exclusive than previously thought.

In an interview with Air.Jordan.com, Khaled revealed how he got his hands on the pink Don C’s and how they will only be releasing in kid’s sizes.

“This broke the internet. Me, in my house, on my way to the press conference to announce the title of my album, Grateful. I remember calling Reggie [Saunders], I was like, “Yo Reggie, imma wear a pink suit at the Beverly Hills Hotel for my press conference. Do you have any pink J’s?”

“That morning, I was surprised with some pink ‘Don C’s’. I didn’t know that they only making these for kids. It makes the shoe 10 times more exclusive even though they’re already exclusive. They’re pink ‘Don C’s’. I haven’t seen them. I haven’t even seen Don C with them.”

“I got a chance to wear them and it was a big day for me, and I’m grateful for y’all sending me that pair.”

Jordan Brand still hasn’t announced exactly when the pink “Arctic Orange” Just Don x Air Jordan 2s will be releasing.

You can check out Khaled’s full interview about some of his favorite sneaker moments right here.



DJ Khaled Reveals Details Of The Next "Just Don" x Air Jordan 2 Collab