R-Mean has been coming through with new music on a regular basis, delivering “Mean Mondays” releases at the top of each week. Today’s drop is called discretion, which the West Coast rapper describes as “a song about messing with the wrong female” on SoundCloud. The creeping instrumental comes courtesy of Mantra, while Breana Marin provides a silky smooth hook.

Mean is at his story-telling best on the verses, sharing a late night tale that ends with an unexpected twist.

Listen to more of R-Mean’s “Mean Mondays” releases here. His Nas & Em mixtape, which finds him taking on beats from the legendary rappers, is available for stream and download.

Quotable Lyrics:
I was looking at my phone
When she tapped me on my arm
Told me that I look familiar 
With a subtle stroke
I’m thinking ‘I got a girl’
I ain’t trynna do her wrong anymore
But I still took her number though