Knowledge of 12th

Will Sessions drop “Knowledge of the 12th.”

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In view of the April 21 release of their new album Deluxe, Will Sessions dropped "Knowledge of the 12th," a funky hip hop track that will take you straight to the historic streets of Detroit.

Featuring Elzhi, this 70s style band fuses rap with a brand of funk reminiscent of a blaxploitation movie. Elzhi spits about growing up poor in the D, crossing paths with dope fiends while people ran from drive-by shootings. He says the city hasn't been the same since the 1967 riot that lasted five days and cause so much unrest the government saw fit to send in armed forces on its own people. Elzhi retells stories of residents who witnessed the 12th Street riot.

Listen to "Knowledge of the 12th" right here.

Quotable Lyrics

You feel the chill of your body
Your mommy telling you to get down
Shot bustin' out the window of a Monte Carlo
They found Marlo lying dea with his Marlboro
Half lit by some half wit who lost his marbles
Or was it retaliation

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