Last time we brought you some content from Lil Lonnie was the Mississippi rapper’s TKWGO 2 mixtape this past June. Now that they do know what’s going on, we’ve got the rapper’s new collaboration with Hardo and Ripp Flamez, respectively from Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

“Money Convo” is the name of the song, and it’s clear these guys have a lot to say about they finances. In fact, if it isn’t about money, we don’t see why you’d get in touch with these fellas in the first place. The track was produced by Stevie B and Sicklaflare.

Give “Money Convo” a listen, and let us know your thoughts. Who ripped the best verse on here?

Quotable Lyrics

I’m a trap nigga from Pittsburgh
40 bands just to get birds
Dirty money, probably get germs