Post Malone was so certain that he’d release his debut album Stoney on August 26th that he literally made a mixtape called August 26. Two days after the expected drop date, Post apologized for the delay and re-assured fans that the album would be fire. A new leak called “Deja Vu” featuring Justin Bieber corroborates this claim.

“Deja Vu” starts off sounding suspiciously like the beginning of “Hotline Bling,” then delves into an immersive groove that involves wistful, detuned guitar riffs and Post’s keen melodic instincts.

Listen to “Deja Vu” and share your thoughts in the comments. Post’s tour with Jazz Cartier kicks off on September 14th. Check out dates here.

Quotable Lyrics

Girl this a confession, I’m not like your exes
I came in from Texas, and now that we textin’
You can fly in whenever, now you undressin’
Panties on the dresser, your hair gettin’ messed up
The feelin’ we catchin’, my love is a blessin’