Every now and then we come across some dope ass artist on Soundcloud that seemingly has no blog coverage. This is separate from our weekly perusal of the Heatseekers submissions. Recently I posted Lil West’s mixtape, Indigo, who was one such random Soundcloud discovery, and the latest one is 19-year old Mathaius Young, hailing from Indianapolis. Not exactly the first place that comes to mind when you think hip-hop, but dude is crazy. The first song I listened to is this one, “Go,” featuring Drayco McCoy on the hook. However after a deeper spiral into his Soundcloud page, I discovered more goodies (for your next listen, I recommend “24/7”). Did I mention he’s a producer too? Mathaius produced this song in particular as well as plenty of his other records.

Keep an eye out for this kid. Let us know your thoughts down below.

Quotable Lyrics

Burning smoke and watch it turn to dust
Like damn can a nigga do magic
All I wanted was to do this shit
Baby never think you interfering
Go and grab the wheel if you ride for me
All the stars they aligning for me