Catch Me A Lick

Boogz Boogetz and K. Smith team for "Catch me A Lick".

BYTrevor Smith

Boogz Boogetz and K. Smith recently linked up for a short mixtape called A Week In Toronto. Neither of the rappers hail from the six, but apparently they were inspired enough by Drake's stomping grounds to name a project after it. The closing track, "Catch A Lick" is among the best tracks on the project, cruising off of a cold, minimal instrumental that wouldn't sound out of place on Drizzy's most recent project, If You're Reading This It's Too Late.

Both rappers come through with their aggressive best, making up for the space on the instrumental with some inspired vocal performances.

Quotable Lyrics:
Catchin' a lick, we be finessin' the shit
Tony just let off a clip
Tec on my hip, my niggas never would switch
My niggas never would snitch

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