Ohh Na Na

Lil Chris and Sasha Go Hard duet on “Ohh Na Na”.

BYTrevor Smith
Ohh Na Nablur mask

Lil Chris is one of Chicago's most underrated talents. While sometimes mentioned in the bop conversation, Chris has ventured far outside the sugary, high bpm territory of the genre, and proves today he can do one hell of a slow jam. Teaming up with Sasha Go Hard, the two give us some sticky melodies you'd have a hard time finding an R&B singer to top.

Could this be the record that breaks Chris? We'll have to wait and see, but either way we're sure he'll be back with another hot single sooner or later. With a strong melodic-sense like this, it should only be a matter of time before he lands a hit.

Quotable Lyrics:
Gettin' money not an issue
Blow a bag like a whistle
You know he love you when
He eat the pussy, bring his face up
And then he kiss you

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