The last time we heard from Boogz Boogetz, he was remixing his track “Keep’er Sayin Uhh!” with Rico Ferri and Eddy Boy, and today he returns with some brand new material. Assisted by Hefna Gwap, Boogz drops “Favorite Drugz,” a track produced by Lord Plawz. 

Led by trippy guitar and a squiggly sound effect, the song’s sound matches its subject matter perfectly. It sounds like it might sample the same track as Freddie Gibbs and Madlib’s excellent 2011 track “Thuggin,” the source material of which is Rubba’s 1978 track “Way Star.” With the result differing quite a bit this time around, Lord Plawz did his job and turned out a dope beat.

Quotable Lyrics

Smokin’ and sippin a brew
I’m doin’ me so do you
Smokin’ that sour so powerful
Smellin’ like Pepe Le Pew