Against The World

MGK shares a new track called "Against The World".

BYTrevor Smith
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It's been three years since Machine Gun Kelly's major label debut, Lace Up, but his following has only continued to grow since then. The rapper's 2013 Black Flag mixtape was well-received by fans, and MGK himself expressed that he was happier with the free project than he was with his LP.

His follow-up album is finally on its way this year, and on top of featuring a lot of live instrumentation, Kelly has expressed that he'll be saying the things he couldn't say on the first LP. His new track, "Against The World," may or may not land on the album, but it seems to be in line with what we can expect from MGK this year.

Quotable Lyrics:
Me against the world
Lost my mistress and my girl
All they wanted was what's in my safe
And all I wanted was just to be great

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