Muscle Up

Rocko and Julez Santana take on a TM88 beat on "Muscle Up".

BYTrevor Smith

Rocko has been making regional hits for years, and a couple have trickled through into mainstream success. The first time that happened was 2007's "Umma Do Me", but he never hit harder than "UOENO" in 2013. So it's clear the Atlanta rapper has the talent to play in the big leagues, and hopefully his new record can put him on that level.

"Muscle Up" is one big flex analogy, and fittingly so, as the TM88 beat sounds like it's been injected with steroids. New York's Juelz Santana joins the Atlanta party here, proving once again that he has a great chemistry with southern artists.

Quotable Lyrics:
Stuntin on 'em, Stuntin' on 'em
Hella bands in my pocket, frontin' on 'em
In Magic City, gettin' silly, flexin' muscles on 'em
Catch 'em barkin' up my tree, I got the muzzle fo 'em

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