50 Cent has seen a lot of trends come and go within hip-hop, and the most current one seems to be the 'hipster.' In a new interview, 50 spoke on the differences between his era of hip-hop and now, and what's changed. He also compares his debut album, Get Rich Or Die Tryin', to his upcomingStreet King Immortal.

 First, he gave a comparison between his first album in the game and his upcoming one. The newest LP sounds like it'll be more reflective than his critically acclaimed debut. "Get Rich Or Die Tryin' was in first person, as [I was] experiencing it. In this album it's more like remembering or revisiting energy on different points or things that I missed," Fif said.

50 then spoke on the hip-hop sound of his era, and how the culture has changed in the present day. "I think you miss the things when they gone. You look around and you see everything turn into this little hipster thing. The culture is not even what it was initially," the G-Unit rapper continued, "It turned into a fashion show for a little while.You know what I'm saying with artists writing about fashion. It's crazy like that was never really the core of the actual art. You had to offer different walks, different perspectives, your album was supposed to be better than the other guy's album, it's the competitive portion. That's why I so often got involved in battling, they call it beefing. They changed the termanology to 'beefing' after Biggie and Tupac, but these guys aren't Biggie and Tupac."

Watch the two parts of Fif's interview with HypeTrak below.