50 Cent is always busy promoting something, and usually you know what that "thing" is by the hashtag at the end of his Instagram caption, a hashtag that usually has nothing to do with the post it followed. Right now, that "thing" is the movie Den of Thieves, hitting theatres on January 19. To that effect, he stopped by Stephen Colbert's talk show last night, and it turned out to be an amazing interview.

First, Stephen Colbert has to figure out what he should call 50, given his different names and slang for his names-- "I can't call you 'Fiddy,'" Colbert says. 50 goes on to reveal that it is Sharon Osbourne who accidentally gave him the 'Fiddy' moniker, simply due to her English accent affecting the pronunciation. For his upcoming film, however, his name is credited as Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson-- so fans know not to expect music. "Curtis Jackson is my grandmother's child, my grandmother's baby. That's when I clean up," 50 tells Colbert, as he shuffles in his pin-striped suit. You have to watch it below (around 2:04), but Colbert then asks to see the difference between the two personas-- Curtis Jackson and 50 Cent -- and Fif does it spot on, at the drop of a dime. The funniest thing about this, is that you know it's real af, you know Fif really has those two personas.

The two go back-and-forth for a good 10 minutes, touching on 50's business investments, President Trump, beef and more.

"I think it was like an accident," says 50 of Trump's presidency, "I think he was tryna get a great renegotiation for The Apprentice. He wanted to lose the Presidency, he didn't want the job." He could very well be right, what do you think?

Watch the full interview below.