50 Cent has proven uniquely well-suited for the rap game's post-music endeavors, having transitioned from artist to entrepreneur rather successfully, all things considered. Now, with dreams of Street King Immortal feeling more like wishful thinking at this point, 50 has added another notch on his bedpost of accomplishments: Instagram Personality. Fans are likely well aware that 50 has been keeping himself busy through IG, be it documenting money moves or making quick work of his bushel o' enemies. Yet every so often, the steely exterior softens, revealing the heart beneath; Grinch-like in stature, but a heart nevertheless.

Like many across the world, 50 Cent spent his Easter Sunday among family, particularly his young son Sire. Sharing a heartfelt picture of himself and Sire (which appears to be recycled from late March, though it's the thought that counts) Fif took a moment to offer some words of positive reinforcement. "Happy holidays enjoy today man, take sometime for things that are really important to you God bless," he writes. "It’s Easter Sunday I know y’all clean for real at the church."

While some might balk at the notion of 50 allowing himself a moment of sentimentality, rest assured that he thinks little of any naysayer's opinion. In fact, 50 has drawn from the wisdom of Birdman, validating that spending time with one's loved ones is truly the most "gangsta" Easter Outcome. "Happy Easter ! if you can do something gangsta, like spend time with your love ones God bless," he writes, sharing an image of the Cash Money mogul and his daughter. Happy Easter 50, glad you had a good one!