Tragedy struck Queens last week when 14-year-old D'aja Robinson was hit by a stray bullet while riding a city bus. The teen was on her way home from a sweet sixteen party when an unknown gunman fired at least nine .40-caliber bullets into the side of the vehicle. Robinson was not the target of the attack, but she was struck in the barrage, dying later in hospital.

D'aja's funeral took place Friday, to which her casket was lead by a horse and carriage. It was revealed that Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Queens native, and surviving victim of gun violence, kindly paid for the funeral services.

Jackson commented on the tragedy on his Facebook page: 

“People always try and paint negative images about me I'm the most genuine down to earth person and I didn't forget where I came from I came through for baby girl by providing a horse and carriage for her,” he wrote, also providing a collage of pictures of D’aja and her funeral.“She was pretty, innocent and didnt deserve to die like that R.I.P D'Asia Robinson.”

HNHH sends its condolences out to the family and friends of D'aja Robinson.

View photos of the procession in the gallery above.