50 Cent, who recently filed a lawsuit against Rick Ross for his use of "In Da Club," is now returning to another lawsuit in which Rozay is also entangled. As you're undoubtedly aware, 50 Cent was sued by Ross' baby mama Lastonia Leviston for releasing her sex tape online. A judge ruled that 50 had to pay up $7 million to Leviston, which is around the same time Fif filed for bankruptcy.

He's pulling the bankruptcy card once more, and asking a judge to cut his payment to Leviston substantially-- he only wants to pay her $1.6 million, or less. It seems Leviston was worried 50 might pull a move like this, because she previously expressed her dissatisfaction with 50's lawyers lavish spending habits.

We'll have to see if a judge sides with 50 or Leviston.