50 Cent has been promoting his new business venture since it's announcement in April. The rapper can be seen toting a bottle at multiple occasion including his hangouts with younger artists. He had one in had when he met up with Russ and other when he got turnt with Tekashi 6ix9ine. Today, the rap star shared his latest display of pride for the brand on Instagram.

A massive bash went down in honor of the alcoholic beverage. 50 uploaded a couple of videos to give his following a taste of what they are most likely missing. In one video, models are sporting pink bikinis while dancing with champagne bottles held up high. One of the ladies was being carried in a mini replica of a yacht. Others were holding oversized cardboard versions of the brand's emblem that read "Chemin Du Roi Product of France."


In one of his latest posts on the social media platform, 50 Cent is filmed pouring his brand of champagne on a woman's bouncing booty as she twerks in a pool. He then turns to the camera looking real pleased with himself. His caption echoes the smile he flashes in the video: "I'm having way more fun than you today. LOL #lecheminduroi." He is most likely right, tbh.