Legend or not, when it comes to being made into a meme, anybody can get it. Jay-Z is no stranger to meme life, having had his foray in diving immortalized with a hilarious degree of success. Despite his seeming inexperience with recreational water-based activities, that hasn’t stopped the Jigga Man from continuing to enjoy his aquatic pursuits. On the Fourth Of July holiday, Jay was caught handling the Jetski with all the finesse of a non-levelled-up GTA protagonist. Naturally, the creative minds of the internet replied with the quickness, and thus, another chapter of Jay-Z memeification was written.

It didn’t take long for hip-hop’s ever watchful troll, 50 Cent, to clamber out from beneath the bridge with strap firmly in hand. Taking to Instagram, as per usual, Fif put Jay-Z’s reluctant moment of DJ Khaled cosplay on full display, clowning him the way one might clown an overzealous uncle applying dancefloor moves gleaned from YouTube tutorials. His incredulous caption says it all. “What the fuck is jay doing?😆oh my GOD!! LMAO” writes 50, notably omitting his signature catchphrase.

Perhaps realizing the error of his ways, 50 threw up a second meme, this time adding a “get the strap” for good measure. “He look like 👀 the baby made him do that shit,” writes 50. “This is why I’m scared to have a little girl.” One has to wonder how 50 might fare if, heaven forbid, he found himself lost at sea. Both DJ Khaled and Jay-Z have tried their best to sate Poseidon. It’s safe to say that rappers are probably doomed to remain landlubbers.