Legend though he may be, it's rare to see 50 Cent acting as a torch-passer to young New York emcees. Of course, he previously collaborated with newer artists like A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, 6ix9ine, and a few more without fully validating them as "next-up." Not to say he has an obligation to do so, but 50 has largely opted to focus on growing his own empire, as he has every right to do. There is one artist he seems to have a particular fondness for, however: Brooklyn lyricist Young M.A, with whom he previously linked on a remix to "Ouuuu."

Today, Fif took a moment to shout out M.A, sharing a picture of their recent link-up for a drink or two. If you're even remotely aware of 50 Cent's IG presence, you already know what the pair were sipping. "Stop playing we out here LOL," writes Fif, posing alongside a smiling M.A. "Don’t ask me ask your bitch -Tycoon mode."

It's unclear whether the pair connected over business, pleasure, or a concoction of the two. Either way, it's cool to see 50 connecting with one of New York's best young lyricists, one who has openly praised him as a primary influence on her own style. One has to wonder if this #Chemin-fuelled bender ultimately led to some late-night recording sessions.