Vic Mensa Calls Out DJ Akademiks For Sensationalizing Violence In Chicago

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Vic Mensa rips into DJ Akademiks for his role in sensationalizing violence in the Chicago music scene.

Vic Mensa visited Everyday Struggle this week to talk about a range of topics including XXXTentacion, Jay-Z's new album and more, but possibly the most interesting part of the conversation is when Vic begins to give his honest opinion about DJ Akademiks' voice on the Chicago scene.

"I wanted to slap you in your face honestly," he says to Akademiks. "I felt as if people exactly like you sensationalized and made a following off of clowning situations that we go through in real life. What ever made you feel like you had a space to have a perspective on our people dying on a daily basis?"

Vic Mensa is referring to DJ Akademiks Youtube show, "The War in Chiraq" in which he detailed the violence going on among the cities' youth. Specifically an episode about the late Trey 57 who Vic Mensa knew, and had been friends with since they were five years old. 

"There was nothing constructive about it, and I'mma tell you the truth... I really think you a b****," he says before the team decides it's probably best to move on. Take a look at the clip here.  

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