Queen Latifah Suggests “Living Single” Is Returning, “Friends” Copied It

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One of the best 1990s sitcoms might be making a return soon.

Rebooting classic 1990s TV shows is a popular topic these days. While we haven’t heard any rumors of MTV’s classic reality programming, a few nights ago Queen Latifah gave us some great news about a show from the 1990s that didn’t get as much shine as it deserved. She has revealed that Living Single, the show which put her on the acting map, is in the early stages of a modern reboot.

During an appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live!, Latifah answered a caller’s question about the show with the best answer possible, “we’re actually working on it.” The show originally debuted in 1993 and ran until 1998, centering on a group of friends who share a brownstone in Brooklyn. It was extremely popular when it came out.

Jason Sudekis, who also appears in the clip, quips that he “thought Friends was the reboot?” Latifah then gives the audience a little insight into the common perception that Friends (which came out one year after Living Single) ripped off Living Single for white audiences. She says that the head of NBC at the time Warren Littlefield had stated in an interview that Living Single was the show he liked most at the time – Friends premiered one year later.

Shows copying each other didn’t start or end with Friends and Living Single (Empire and Power, anyone?), but it’s interesting to hear a pseudo-confirmation from Latifah after so many years. This is much better news from the 46 year old movie star and musical artist than when her car was stolen at a gas station late last year.

Did any of y’all watch Living Single when it was on TV? Watch the whole interview and the original Living Single intro below.

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