Air Jordan Signature Sneakers x Classic 90s Rap Albums

Classic Js inspired by Iconic albums.

BYKyle Rooney
Air Jordan Signature Sneakers x Classic 90s Rap Albums

A while back we previewed a collection of Hip-Hop album inspired basketball jerseys, designed by Patso Dimitrov the man behind this collection of Air Jordan signatures x classic 90s rap albums. 

Drawing on inspiration from iconic albums like The Low End Theory, The Chronic and Illmatic, Patso delivered on a handful of timeless Air Jordan silhouettes including 1-7, 11 and 14. 

All of them came out pretty dope but "The Chronic" Air Jordan 11s, "The Slim Shady" 5s, and "The Score" 4s are in my Top-3 right now. But if you ask me to pick my top-3 a few hours from now that list could be completely different because they're all on point. 

Take a look at the Rap Album x Air Jordan collabs in the gallery and let us know which kicks you're digging the most. 

You can check out more of Patso's work right here.

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