McDonald's Is Reportedly The Most Disliked Fast Food Chain In The USA

A sad day for Ronald McDonald and co.

BYKyle Rooney
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A new survey conducted by Temkin Experience Ratings, which polled 10,000 Americans, shows that McDonald's and their beautiful golden arches are the most disliked fast food chain in the country.

Although, Ronald McDonald and co. aren't the only high profile fast food establishment to receive a less than stellar review- Burger King ranked as the second most commonly disliked fast food chain in the states. 

When asked about their poor performance on the Temkin Experience Ratings, McDonald's spokeswomen Terri Hickey said:

"We are committed to building a better McDonald's. Our turnaround plan involves a number of changes we know our customers value. We are offering all day breakfast, simplifying our menu, making changes to the ingredients we use in our food, modernizing our restaurants and more. We are on our journey to deliver on what matters most to our customers -- and we know that is working as it has produced positive results. We look forward to continuing our positive momentum."

It's worth noting, while Micky D's received the worst rating, they're also the most visited fast food chain in the country so that all-day breakfast and that extremely catchy "Lemme get a McPick Twooo" jingle might be helping after all.

According to Business Insider, Domino's, KFC, and Baskin Robbins were the only other fast food chains that failed to receive a "good" rating. On the flip side, Chik-Fil-A took the top spot for the fifth year in a row.


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