Whether or not Kim Kardashian’s Paper Magazine “broke the internet” last week, it certainly came pretty damn close. Turns out, the cover also made an impact IRL, reportedly causing a spike in sales of Kim’s infamous sex tape; “Kim K Superstar”.

That’s right, people are still paying for video porn in the digital age, at least when it involves Kim Kardashian, and Ray Jay is reaping the benefits. On average, the owner and co-star of the tape apparently makes about $90,000 every 3 months, but last week, his earnings jumped to $50,000 in just 7 days. These stats coming from Vivid Entertainment, the distributor of the video.

Steve Hirsch, the president of the company claims that the jump is sales makes “Kim K Superstar” the highest selling celebrity sex tape of all time, surpassing Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s video.