Rick Ross Gets $1.5 Million Watch Delivered To Him Via Armed Security

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Rapper Rick Ross walks off stage during pre-race ceremonies prior to the NASCAR Cup Series Quaker State 400 at Atlanta Motor Speedway on July 10, 2022 in Hampton, Georgia. (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)
Rick ross wasn't taking any chances with his new jewelry.

Rick Ross lives in opulence. Between his fleet of cars, his expensive footwear, and his lion cubs, Ross has made clear his money knows no bounds. But just because he has lots of nice things doesn't mean he's careless with them.

In a new video, Rick Ross showed off the newest addition to his collection of his valuables: a $1.5 million watch. The piece is so precious that it was delivered to the Miami rapper's home by armed security guards.

Rozay's video shows a Jacob & Co. van making its way down his driveway. The vehicle parks and out come two armed delivery men, who give Ross a massive box containing the box.

"They gotta be heavily armed when they making a Rozay delivery from Jacob," the rapper notes. "It ain't normal. It ain't regular."

The "heavy weight" Jacob delivery, as Ross puts it, seems to be the Jacob & Co. Mystery Tourbillon. The timepiece is ridiculously iced out, boasting more gems than a treasure chest. The company's website outlines just how many minerals can be found in the accessory: the watch "is invisibly set with baguette hexagonal diamonds and the dial is set with hexagonal, 'overlapping' diamonds. The minute disk is set with 119 white diamonds (≈ 6.80 ct.) and one ruby (≈ 0.18ct.) to indicate the exact minute. The hour disk is also set with 119 white diamonds (≈ 7.93ct.) and one red ruby (≈ 0.28ct.) to show the hours. The outer ring is set with 108 white diamonds (≈ 4.56ct.) and 12 blue sapphires (≈ 1.49ct.) for the hour markers."

Even Jacob and Co. itself seems to be entranced by the beauty of the watch, posting a video of it on Instagram and writing, "Watch it go round in circles of unfathomable complexity. The double, flying, triple-axis tourbillon that sits in the middle of The Mystery Tourbillon is a riveting nexus of horological beauty, surrounded by a sea of diamonds."

As XXL notes, this delivery from Jacob went more smoothly than Ross's last delivery. In February, Ross ran into some difficulty with the company when they requested that he show them his ID.

Watch Ross receive his new watch below.


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