MVW Brings In Valee, Desiigner, & More For "CONNECTIONS"

MVW has blessed fans with a new album.

BYRex Provost

MVW has a distinct sound which sets him apart from many other trap producers. His frequent collaborations with Valee highlight his style, and his newest album, CONNECTIONS, does the same.

CONNECTIONS sees MVW bringing in all of his friends. Valee, of course, is heavily featured, but Matt OX, Lil Gotit, Desiigner, TiaCorine, Zelooperz, and many more also make appearances.

The album begins quietly, as the classical-composer-turned-producer leans on a soft piano part to back Valee as he discusses a lover's performance which is worthy of an "Oscar." The album begins to pick up pace with "Right Back" and "Epiphany," and doesn't let up from there.

MVW's samples are characteristically eclectic, ranging from Middle Eastern to classical, making for a listen that keeps you on your toes. Check out the project below. Who do you want to see MVW work with next?


  1. Oscar (feat. Valee)
  2. Right Back (feat. Valee & Lil Gotit)
  3. Epiphany (feat. Matt OX)
  4. Never That (feat. 645AR & Matt OX)
  5. Mobb Ties (feat. Desiigner)
  6. Bali (feat. Valee)
  7. TikTok (feat. TiaCorine & ZeLooperz)
  8. 9Fifty (feat. Valee & Xavier Wulf)
  9. Check In (feat. Matt OX)
  10. 7 Bandz (feat. Valee & Zelooperz)
  11. Goin' Crazy (feat. TiaCorine, Matt OX & Warhol.SS)

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