Former Zoey 101 Star Protests In Front Of Nickelodeon's Headquarters

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The actress labeled Dan Schneider as "the creator of childhood trauma."

Earlier this month, Jennette McCurdy released her memoir, I'm Glad My Mom Died. Filled with her life's memories, the book touched on several different triumphs she was forced to face. Despite dealing with an overbearing and abusive mother, the actress also had troubles while working with Nickelodeon, the television channel that caters to children.

In an excerpt from her memoir, she revealed that the network offered her $300,000 to keep quiet about her unfortunate experiences. She recalled being given alcohol at age 18 and being touched inappropriately by someone she called "The Creator." While she never mentioned a name, many believed she was referring to Dan Schneider, the network's former producer.

Following Jennette's courage to speak up, another Nickelodeon actress has come forward with allegations about the network. Alexa Nikolas played Nicole on the hit show Zoey 101. This past Thursday, the 30-year-old protested outside the company's main office in Burbank, California. Nikolas went live for over 15 minutes and discussed her outrage with the company.

Former Zoey 101 Star Protests In Front Of Nickelodeon's Headquarters
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She revealed that she "did not feel safe" during her time with the company-- especially with Dan Schneider, whom she referred to as "the creator of childhood trauma." The mother of one recalled a moment when Dan, along with other executives, had her in a room alone and made her cry.

Shying away from the producer, she also urged the network to get rid of nondisclosure agreements, better known as NDAs, as they hinder young actors from getting the help they so desperately need. 

Watch the entire video below.

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