Cam’ron got his start as a rapper early. The “Hey Ma” rapper became known among Harlem at a young age for being able to deliver ruthless bars seemingly on command. Now, Killer Cam has given fans a glimpse of those early days in a new Instagram post on Saturday.

In the video, a 19-year-old Cam’ron spits in a cypher from way back in March of 1995. “Before DIPSET IT WAS BBO then COC!!!” wrote Cam in the caption. “This is footage is In ST Nick PJ’s, These are the bars u get when u spar with @rsvpmase #BigL #BloodShed and @therealherbmcgruff (in a good way) every week. Still wasn’t taking rap serious tho. This was a month after I got kicked out of college. Still thought I was going to the NBA. So I got a 8 ball to hold me over till I got back into school. Never went back tho.” The rapper promised that there’s more where this footage comes from, writing, “I’ll post part 2 on Monday!!”

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The video was taken three years before Cam’ron released his debut single “Horse & Carriage,” a collaboration with Ma$e. Eventually, Cam’ron, Ma$e, and their other Harlem friends Big L and Bloodshed formed Children of the Corn, a rap super group.

Ma$e and Cam have been beefing in recent years. Earlier this month, Ma$e admitted that he regretted getting on bad terms with his old friend. A few days later, Ma$e posted a video of himself calling the rapper, and it looks like their beef has now officially been squashed.

Keep your eyes on Cam’ron’s IG for more of these trips down memory lane. He’s been known to often post snapshots from his past with industry legends.