Trick Daddy Calls Out FL Gov. Ron DeSantis: “He Thinks He’s A White European Bigot”

The rapper also spoke about DeSantis’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, calling it a “racist, biased law.”

BYErika Marie
Trick Daddy Calls Out FL Gov. Ron DeSantis: “He Thinks He’s A White European Bigot”

Florida remains one of the most conservative states in America, so announcements regarding certain laws and policies seen as restrictive don't come as a surprise. State governor Ron DeSantis has been praised by his followers for moving forward with anti-LGBTQIA+, anti-immigration, and anti-abortion laws, but Trick Daddy isn't a fan. Florida has been plagued with other woes, as well, and the rapper has recently dubbed DeSantis as a "white bigot" following his "Don't Say Gay" bill.

Trick caught up with It's Tricky with Raquel Harper and called out DeSantis for forgetting his family's roots, as they were once immigrants from Italy. DeSantis, himself, is a native of Jacksonville. 

“He thinks he’s a white European bigot now,” said Trick Daddy. “He forgot that he’s from another country so he’s an 'other.' He forgot about that. He forgot about the struggle, forgot about us. We did that." He added, "For all you motherf*ckers that’s listenin' and didn’t vote, that’s worse than the motherf*ckers that voted for him."

"We let him become who he is.” He also took aim at DeSantis's "Don't Say Gay" initiative. 

“He needs to go check in his closet and make sure none of his kids is in the closet,” Trick continued. “He just needs to understand what he’s doing. He’s singling out all types of people in their walks and ways of life. That is a racist, biased law. I think it needs to be shut down.”

Check out Trick Daddy unleashing his fury below.

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