Back on Valentine’s Day, Lizzo was spotted out to dinner in Los Angeles with a mystery man, who was later seen holding her hand outside of the restaurant. While the Grammy Award-winning singer confirmed that their relationship is, in fact, still going on she hasn’t identified the man in question just yet, although the internet has a few ideas.

In a recent interview with Andy Cohen for a new episode of the radio series, Radio Andy, Lizzo laughed aloud after being asked about her Valentine’s dinner date, and if the two were still seeing each other, in an attempt to brush off the question. She finally answered, casually, “Yeah, whatever. Yeah.”

Lizzo Confirms She's In A Relationship
JC Olivera/Getty Images

Cohen, pushing for more details, asked, “You’re Lizzo. A huge superstar. And this person is whoever that person is. Is that hard … in a relationship?” She responded, “If you have the right person, no. Not at all. It’s not even a factor. Because it should be mutually supportive no matter what that person does.” 

Following Valentine’s Day, Lizzo continued to tease fans by posting an image of her holding hands with a man whose face was covered by a mask. Although she has yet to publicly identify her new man, TSR points to actor Myke Wright. We’ll keep you posted if that’s confirmed.

Check out the interview below.