Lamar Odom Says Kobe Bryant Visits Him In His Dreams "Often"

Lamar says Kobe shows up in his dreams and gives him the motivation to keep going.

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The unfortunate passing of Kobe Bryant shocked the nation. Though it happened two years ago, thousands of fans are still mourning the loss of such an iconic basketball player. Aside from those who only knew him as an athlete, his family and friends have also continued to deal with his passing. One person, in particular, is grieving distinctly. 

Lamar Odom Says Kobe Bryant Visits Him In His Dreams "Often"
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Lamar Odom, former Los Angeles Lakers basketball player, has taken different approaches to heal his sorrow. Not only did he get his friend's face tattooed on his neck, but he was also gifted a $17,000 diamond pendant of him and his daughter, Gianna, who also passed away, cuddling each other courtside.  

Aside from attaining memorabilia, Odom also admitted that he has had vivid dreams about his late teammate. Odom recounted that he and Kobe played basketball together and discussed the afterlife at one point.

TMZ caught up with the 42-year-old and he has confirmed that his visions have not stopped-- in fact, he stated that they happen often. "[He's] just talking to me all the time," Odom told the outlet, "'Hang in there. Keep fighting.' A lot of sh*t."

Lamar Odom Says Kobe Bryant Visits Him In His Dreams "Often"
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Even though Kobe isn't here physically, Odom stated that he still feels his presence. "His spirit, it's so strong. To me, he's like not too far away. Especially when you're dreaming of someone, and they talk to you in that dream, you're definitely going to remember it," said the New York native.

He also added that the reason he loves L.A. so much is that he can "feel him" there.


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