Dame Dash reflected on the legendary career of Kanye West during a recent interview with Fox Sports’ Club Shay Shay and host Shannon Sharpe. Dash says that he “never expected” West to reach the level of celebrity that he has back when they first met.

“No, I never expected that in a billion years … I didn’t expect it,” Dash admitted. “I expected other people that were in my crew to be Kanye. I expected someone to do those things, but I didn’t know it would be him. But the reason why it was him is because he had the most respect for me. He’s the only one that listened completely. And still does – on certain levels.”

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Kanye West's Meteoric Rise: "I Didn’t Expect It"">
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Dash, who recently labeled West the “new Michael Jackson,” helped bring the Donda 2 rapper over to Roc-a-Fella, early in his career.

Later in his interview with Sharpe, Dash discussed how West’s impact on the fashion industry with his Yeezy brand helped expand his legacy.

“(Michael) Jordan didn’t make music. Jordan was known for playing good basketball. Kanye is known for something completely different,” Dash explained. “If Michael Jackson had sneakers, and they were designed well, he would have made more money than Michael Jordan.”

Check out Dash’s interview with Shannon Sharpe below.