Five Colleges Bronny James Jr. Could Play For

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bronny james jr college options

Bronny James Jr. will have a big decision to make soon.

Bronny James Jr. is currently the 34th best basketball recruit in the United States as it pertains to potential college athletes in 2023. The 17-year-old is currently in his Junior season at Sierra Canyon, and by next Fall, he will be a Senior who has to decide whether he goes to college, or plays overseas as a way to get professional experience as soon as humanly possible. While Bronny isn't the best recruit out there, he is certainly the most famous thanks to the fact that he is the oldest son of LeBron James. Pretty well everyone in the basketball world is interested in where he decides to go, and for now, it seems likely that he will go the college route.

There are various college programs that are interested in Bronny, although, at this juncture, the Sierra Canyon standout has yet to offer up a list of his preferred destinations. This is a choice that he will have to make alongside his family, and it is a choice that could very well determine where he ends up going in the NBA Draft once the year 2024 comes along.

While Bronny's official decision will only come in the early months of 2023, we're taking a look at five college programs that seem to be the likeliest destinations for James. Some of these schools have been tied to Bronny for years, while others have only shown an interest in the young talent over the past few months. Either way, there is no shortage of opportunity for Bronny, who is certainly going to bring in not just ratings, but huge attendance numbers as well.

University of Tennessee

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The Tennessee Volunteers have a very solid basketball program that continues to improve every year. It is one of the biggest universities in the South, and with more recruits eyeing the school than ever before, it is easy to see why Bronny might consider the school. According to 247Sports, the Volunteers are actually one of four schools that have expressed interest in Bronny. In order to attend a program, they need to want you in the first place, so there is no doubt that the Volunteers should be on Bronny's shortlist. Not to mention, playing for Rick Barnes is a pretty solid draw. Having said that, there are certainly other schools that would probably be higher for him on the priority list.

University of Texas

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Just like Tennessee, the University of Texas is another school that has shown a desire to pick up Bronny. I mean, why wouldn't they? No matter how well he plays, Bronny is going to bring in a ton of eyeballs to the program. Either way, Texas has a well-respected basketball program that has boasted some massive NBA talents, including the likes of Kevin Durant. Texas is a pretty massive market, and the school itself has a good reputation for both academics and athletics. It is a school that would immediately help develop Bronny as a talent, and it is definitely a program worth considering given their high level of interest.


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At this juncture, Bronny has not been connected to UCLA at all. The only reason why this would be a good fit right now is that he wouldn't have to leave Los Angeles. Bronny plays his high school basketball in Los Angeles, and he currently lives in the city thanks to the fact that his dad plays for the Lakers. Playing for the Bruins has a huge convenience factor to it, and it also helps that UCLA has been known for having a very solid basketball program. While other programs will probably have a higher upside for Bronny, you can't discredit the circumstances that would potentially lead Bronny to UCLA.

Ohio State

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Ohio State is a basketball program that has always found success. They aren't perennial contenders by any means, however, they are a prestigious school when it comes to athletics, and their basketball program is certainly good enough to attract a recruit like Bronny. Of course, the real connection here is the fact that Bronny is from Cleveland, Ohio, and it would make a ton of sense to play basketball in his home state. Had LeBron gone to University, it is likely he would have gone to Ohio State. Not to mention, it is a school that he roots for on a regular basis, and it would be incredible to see LeBron courtside at Buckeyes games while his son is playing in big games. Ohio State is a school that just seems like a perfect fit for Bronny, and it would not be shocking to see him in those red and white uniforms.

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LeBron James has always had a fundamental respect for retired Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski. Over the weekend, Coach K was on the sidelines for his final game with the University, and now, fans are anxious to see what will happen to the future of the program. During Coach K's tenure, there were always various rumors that LeBron wanted Bronny to go to Duke and learn from one of the best coaches of all time. It was also well-documented that Coach K was very much interested in having Bronny on his roster. Now that Coach K is gone, the Bronny-Duke connection might not be as strong as it once was. Regardless, Duke is still expected to be a huge player in college basketball and with Coach K's influence still hanging in the balance, Duke could prove to be the most logical destination for a star like Bronny. At the end of the day, who wouldn't want to see Bronny in those iconic blue jerseys, playing against teams like the North Carolina Tar Heels? 

Which university do you think Bronny should play for? Let us know in the comments down below.

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