Tony Rock Addresses Will Smith: "You Gon' Hit My F*ckin' Brother 'Cause Your B*tch Gave You A Side Eye?

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He also says that there are several Rock brothers and let it be known that they aren't happy with Smith.

The Rock brothers are back on stage, albeit separately, and they're both addressing the slap that rocked the Oscars. Chris Rock was smacked across the face by Will Smith at the 94th Academy Awards last weekend and all week there have been twists, turns, and speculative reports about this incident. Earlier today (April 1), Smith formally resigned from the Academy following Rock addressing a Boston crowd at his recent comedy show.

Rock promised to detail his side of things at a later date, but for the time being, he wanted to crack some jokes and make people laugh. His comedian brother did the same, but Tony Rock was a bit more direct.

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A clip of Tony's recent comedy show was shared by The Shade Room and he didn't mince words.

"'Cause if you think you gon' walk up on this stage this ain't the motherf*ckin' Oscars!" he told a screaming crowd. "And if you walk up here you ain't nominated for nothing but these f*ckin' hands... I didn't even want to start the show like that. You gon' hit my f*ckin' brother? 'Cause your b*tch gave you a side eye?"

He then said there are "a lot of Rock brothers," suggesting that he isn't the only sibling who is upset. This follows Tony's Q&A with fans on Twitter where he said that the issue will be addressed and handled in due time. Check out a clip of Tony Rock's show below.

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