Denzel Washington Claims He Doesn't Know Who Damson Idris Is In Hilarious Video

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Denzel Washington, Damson Idris
Denzel was clueless.

Denzel Washington is essentially every young actor's idol. With so many appearances in so many iconic roles and movies, Denzel has now turned into a living legend in the film industry.

One of Denzel's admirers is rising actor Damson Idris, who most notably stars in FX's Snowfall. On Dec. 10, Washington was made aware of Idris' fondness of him, and he had a humorous response.

When an interviewer approached Denzel at the premiere of the new film he directed A Journal for Jordan, she mentioned how Idris auditioned to act alongside Denzel in his 2016 film Fences, as well as bringing up when Damson hilariously impersonated Denzel last week.

In response, Denzel questioned who Damson Idris was, and genuinely seemed confused about who the lady was talking about: "Who are you talking about? I don't know who that is. What show? Snowfall? No disrespect Damson, no disrespect."

Fans got ahold of the video, and noticed that it sounded like Denzel said "Dancin" instead of "Damson," and had a lot of fun with the confusion by Washington.

Denzel is 66 years old, I definitely believe he never seen an episode of Snowfall he probably doesn't even know FX network exist.

— Ahmed/Are You A Sicko🇸🇴 (@big_business_) December 11, 2021

British actor Jovan Adepo landed the role in Fences that Idris was going after, so he never got the chance to work with Denzel. But, it is still pretty surprising that Denzel Washington does not know who he is, considering how much notoriety Damson Idris has received in recent years.

Check out the funny video with Denzel below.

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