Five Fighters Jake Paul Could Box Next

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Jake Paul
Jake Paul has pissed off a lot of fighters, giving him the opportunity to battle a wide range of people.

When Jake Paul burst onto the YouTube scene, there is no denying that he was a polarizing figure, and still is. Once Paul decided to switch his focus over to boxing, his polarizing presence immediately followed suit, with numerous fans and fellow athletes expressing skepticism in his abilities. After knocking out former NBA star Nate Robinson back in November, people quickly began to realize that Paul is no joke and has some real fundamentals behind him.

Just a couple of weekends ago, Paul finally got to box an actual fighter in Ben Askren. Surprisingly, Paul was able to score a first-round knockout which led to even more shock amongst boxing fanatics. Clearly, Paul is looking to make a career of this and if he wants to be successful, he is going to have to go up against people who are a bit more experienced in the realm of boxing. Having said that, here are some opponents we think would be perfect for Paul, moving forward.

Dillon Danis

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The most obvious name on this list would easily have to be MMA fighter Dillon Danis, who many know as Conor McGregor's beloved training partner. While Danis might not have the best record in the MMA world, there is no denying that his hatred for Paul runs deep and that he has been angling for a fight ever since Paul knocked out Nate Robinson with ease. On numerous occasions, Danis has referred to Paul as a punk and is confident that should they get in the ring, he will give Jake the beating of his life.

Back in December, Paul called out Danis numerous times although they never actually got to fight. However, Paul did pull up on Danis for an Instagram prank where he whipped toilet paper rolls at him. Paul even claimed that Danis' girlfriend hooked up with him, which led to even more animosity between the two. After Jake knocked out Askren, Danis took to Instagram and said “it’s on 100%…” which has many fans thinking a fight is imminent. While there is no guarantee that it will happen, it feels like this Danis Vs. Paul is one of the likelier outcomes, at this point.

Joe Fournier

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For those who don't know, Joe Fournier is a billionaire businessman who has taken up boxing in his spare time. While this might seem like a joke, it's important to note that Fournier has been very competitive throughout the course of his boxing career and has actually fought some strong opponents. Fournier was actually part of the Paul Vs. Askren card two weekends ago and he got to fight against recording artist Reykon, who he easily defeated. Fournier is 9-0 in his career which means Paul would actually be facing someone who knows what they're doing with boxing gloves on.

What also makes this potential fight unique is the fact that Fournier had Paul's ex-girlfriend in his corner during the aforementioned fight against Reykon. Julia Rose even served as an assistant coach for the bout which must make Jake's skin crawl. With Fournier extending a challenge to Paul, there is no doubt that this fight could be a real possibility. While he isn't the flashy opponent some fans are hoping for, Fournier acts as a solid contender that would truly be a test of Paul's skill and stamina.

Tommy Fury

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21-year-old Tommy Fury is the younger brother of Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, and over the last couple of years, he has built a solid resume in the light-heavyweight division with a record of 5-0 with 4 KOs. Fury is in the same age range as Paul and the two have similar physiques, which makes them a fairly even matchup from a purely physical point of view. For months now, these two have gone back and forth and it seems like they are inching ever closer to a grudge match, especially in light of Paul's win against Askren.

Fury originally challenged Paul to a fight on Twitter, and recently, while speaking to the media, Paul agreed that it would be a great show. However, Paul is only going to do it if he can secure a Tyson Fury fight on the card. This would be an extremely hard task to pull off although if Tyson somehow agrees, then a Fury Vs. Paul bout would be all but assured.

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Floyd Mayweather might seem like a bit of a stretch right now but when you consider how Floyd is about to fight Jake's brother Logan, it makes all of the sense in the world. At this stage in Mayweather's career, it's pretty clear that he has no real interest in engaging in title fights. Instead, he would rather take part in some massive exhibition fights that will earn him a handsome payday. Ultimately, that's why he is fighting Logan, in the first place.

Should Mayweather win that fight with Logan, which let's be honest, he will, then a grudge match against Jake would make for some great storylines. For instance, Jake would be given an opportunity to avenge his brother, which is a trope that has stood the test of time. Not to mention, Jake and Floyd have been going at each other on social media which has only helped bolster rumors that these two might be on a collision course towards a fight. While it would certainly piss off the boxing purists out there, you can't help but admit that you'd want to watch this. 

Tyron Woodley

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Tyron Woodley has always been known for being one of the strongest strikers in the entire UFC, which makes him a prime candidate to go up against Jake. These two actually have a tiny bit of history, especially as it pertains to the likes of Ben Askren. When Jake fought Askren back in April, Woodley was in Ben's corner as the two are very good friends. In addition to this, Woodley and Paul got into a bit of a backstage shouting match before the fight, which lends itself well to a rivalry storyline.

Once Paul took Askren down, Woodley was quick to propose a fight against Paul and unsurprisingly, Jake was keen on the idea. Paul noted that Woodley is a great fighter and would prove to be the challenge he has been looking for. Despite this, Paul also mentioned the names Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor, although if Dana White has anything to say about it, both of those fighters are completely off limits. Woodley, however, would be a matchup that many UFC and boxing fans would tune in to watch.

Who do you see want to see Paul fight next? Let us know in the comments below.

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