DJ Quik Burns Death Row Check, Demands Credit From Kendrick Lamar & More

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DJ Quik
DJ Quik will no longer sit idly by as "the music industry underdog," and the legendary producer is coming to demand his credits.

 It goes without saying that DJ Quik is a legend in the game, but it would appear he's not being treated as such. In fact, Quik has seemingly reached a boiling point, incensed by his lack of due credit and compensation. Upon receiving a hundred-dollar royalty check from Death Row Records, Quik took to Instagram Live to set the record straight and demand to be recognized for his work.

"I'm not so happy," begins Quik, holding up his Death Row royalty check. "I'm real offended by this Death Row check, and this amount. As much work as I did for these sons of bitches, I feel the respect factor is crazy. There is none. So to show you how much your money means to me, Mr. Death Row records." He proceeds to toss the check onto the barbecue, and it doesn't take long before the paper begins to burn.

"All the 2Pac shit I did," he continues. "I helped with the Dogg Pound record. Devil, you are a bitch. I want my real money and I want my credits for everything that I did in this industry. All the songs, including 'Hot In Here' by Nelly and Pharrell , for being 'Get Nekkid.' I want my credit from Kendrick Lamar. "And this is no disrespect to Kendrick Lamar, I love TDE, you guys are awesome. But the fact ya'll left my credit off 'King Kunta' was crazy."

DJ Quik Burns Death Row Check, Demands Credit From Kendrick Lamar & More
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"R. Kelly home alone, that's one hundred percent all of my drum sounds, my music, and me playing percussion," he continues. "I want that too. All Eyez On Me, it's my credit, I want that. 'In Da Club,' 'If I Can't,' I helped with those records by 50 Cent. I want that too. I want all my credits. I'm starting to get to a point where I'm impatient, and I feel disrespected. I'm not going to be the underdog of this music industry anymore. I am to be respected as a king and a lord that I am, a God when it comes to production. I need all of my fucking credits."

"I took death chances over there," he continues. "I could have been killed being at that record company. I need all of my fucking credit. Give me my shit while I'm alive. Give me my roses when I can smell them." 

Given how much DJ Quik has contributed to the rap game, it's appalling to see him forced to fight for the credit he deserves. We can only hope that those with the power to rectify the situation can do their part to ensure that Quik is compensated for what he's brought to the table. Check out his video message below.

WATCH: DJ Quik burns Death Row royalty check and demands credit. 

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