Slim Jesus is the latest viral rap sensation, and it’s easy to see why — for one, he’s named Slim Jesus. It’s also not every day you see a white teenager from Ohio making drill music. Though Slim is apparently 18, he looks about 13, and seeing him and his similarly young looking crew toting heavy artillery in the “Drill Time” music video is pretty shocking. As you might expect, the viral video has caused some controversy. 

Chicago rapper Lil Mister has released a diss track aimed at Jesus in which he raps over “Drill Time” and accuses Jesus of biting Chief Keef’s sound. The latest Jesus diss, which has also gone viral, came from Ben Sommers, a white rapper from Tulsa, Oklahoma. On “Shots at Slim,” Sommers accuses Jesus of using BB guns in the “Drill Time” video. 

One rapper who clearly supports the grind of young Jesus is certified Chicago drill purveyor Lil Bibby, who’s only 21 himself. Bibby posted the “Drill Time” video on Twitter on September 8, right as it was beginning to blow up, and wrote, “#MyLilOne.”

Yesterday (Sept. 13), Bibby tweeted a link to Sommers’ diss track to Slim Jesus’ account and wrote, “What they on wit you Slim?” That tweet has since been deleted, but you can see a screenshot via VladTV. It’s unclear why Bibby deleted the aforementioned tweet, but he still remains on Jesus’ side, as, later that day, he tweeted, “Why they dissin my youngin?,” which was retweeted by Slim Jesus.

What do you guys think about Jesus’ entry into the drill game? Do you think he deserves all the hate he’s been catching? 

The “Drill Time” video currently has over 3 million views on YouTube. 

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