B.G. To Remain In Prison Until 2024

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A judge rejected the rapper's petition to shed some years this past Friday.

Christopher Dorsey, the former Cash Money Records rapper, has been in federal prison for some time now, with many rappers pushing the artist's early release. His most recent attempt did not see much result.

Better known as B.G., the original Hot Boys member was sentenced to fourteen years in prison following for gun possession and witness tampering. This took to fruition back in 2012, though it's safe to say this spiral began in 2009 when the New Orleans-bred rapper got pulled over for a traffic citation on the eastside of his hometown.

At the time of his sentencing, the rapper honed comfortability, saying, "You know how the Feds operate. If you don't want to give them nothin' then they be extra harsh on you. So, I don't regret being real. I don't regret not taking nobody with me. I'm cool and comfortable in my situation." All in all, it goes to show that the Hot Boys' anti-snitch mantra was never a gimmick.

In Dorsey's letter to the court, he detailed his boisterous childhood and all the fame that ultimately ensued, lamenting that he understands the fault of his actions, but that "enough is enough."

Though initially hopeful that his former labelmate would have a successful plea, Birdman is yet to address the verdict publicly.

Take a look at B.G.'s first letter to his fans from prison back in 2014 here.

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