Raz B Denies Ex-GF’s Assault Allegations: “Kallee Has Been Abusive To Me”

The B2K singer claims he’s known his ex for 20 years but called their relationship “toxic.”

BYErika Marie
Raz B Denies Ex-GF’s Assault Allegations: “Kallee Has Been Abusive To Me”

Their romance may be over, but Kallee Brookes recently called out her ex, Raz B, on social media. The aspiring entertainer took to TikTok to share a few photos of injuries she claims she sustained at the hands of the B2K singer. Back in 2019, Raz was arrested for allegedly choking Kallee in a parking lot, and according to her, that wasn't the only incident she endured. Kallee publicly accused Raz B of sexual assault and giving her a black eye, but he claims things aren't what they seem.

Raz B Denies Ex-GF's Assault Allegations: "Kallee Has Been Abusive To Me"

"Recently, it was brought to my attention that Kallee Brookes has made false accusations about a black eye and me forcing myself on her sexually," said the singer in a social media post. "I've known Kallee for twenty years. This is my friend. This is my roll dog. We used to go to parties together and have a great, great, great time, and it's sad to me that I opened up the door to these amazing opportunities from Love & Hip Hop to The Millennium Tour, that we, during the time that we were together, we had such a toxic relationship."

Raz added that there are several people who can attest to how much he cared for Kallee. "There's been numerous times when Kallee has been abusive to me. That led to the 2019 incident where we actually got into an altercation. It saddens me and I forgive her, and most importantly I hope she forgives me, but this is not the way to go, Kallee."

The former B2K singer gave his well wishes to his ex-girlfriend before signing off. Watch Raz explain his side of the story below.

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