Eighteen-year-old Quality Control-signed rapper Metro Marrs has officially returned with his new single, coming through with “Sink Or Swim” on Thursday.

For fans of the developing talent, this song may sound like it’s coming from out of left field. The new record takes on a much more alternative approach than Metro’s previous releases, which were more trap-leaning. 

Speaking on the collaboration with Ricky Desktop, Metro Marrs said, “You gotta realize where you want to be in life and that goes for anything, not just music. You gotta swim through the barriers and obstacles, you just gotta keep pushing because the world won’t wait on you.”

Check out his new single below and stay tuned for more new music from Metro Marrs in the coming months.

Quotable Lyrics:

Live so long but I move so fast
All she wanna do is smoke and sex
I’ll be there, be back in a sec
Might come scoop in a brand new ‘vette