Ten years ago, a 19-year-old Mac Miller released his debut albumBlue Slide Park

After a series of mixtapes, including K.I.D.S., I Love Life, Thank You and Best Day Ever, Blue Slide Park was a step towards what Miller would eventually become. While records like “Party on Fifth Ave.” and “Frick Park Market” were reminiscent of his earlier work, it was clear that this young, Pittsburgh rapper wanted more than just internet fame. And in including tracks like “One Last Thing” and “Diamonds & Gold,” on Blue Slide Park, Miller experimented with a more mature sound listeners hadn’t heard before. 

“Missed Calls” is the best example of that. 

When Miller released Blue Slide Park, he was transforming from the happy-go-lucky kid we saw in his videos, to a bonafide rap star. He debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 (becoming the first independent artist to go #1 with their debut album) and the bright lights of Hollywood came calling. And on “Missed Calls,” he addressed his rise to fame and the people he lost as a result. 

Celebrate The 10th Anniversary Of "Blue Slide Park" With "Missed Calls"
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Rapping directly to his love interest at the time, Miller assured that he would be fine if she left. With multiple mentions of his partner feeling as if Miller changed, and that he no longer had time for her, the Swimming rapper began touching on the themes that would mark the rest of his career. The balance of love and the quest for success is a delicate one, and despite still being a teenager for the creation and release of “Missed Calls,” the record put Miller’s emotions and thought process surrounding them on full display.

While other records off Blue Slide Park may have been bigger in the moment, “Missed Calls” has remained a fan favorite, and when contextualized against the rest of Miller’s extensive discography, the track is a clear turning point in what would become his illustrious career.

Quotable Lyrics 
She tell me, ‘You an asshole, superficial douchebag’
Wishing that you knew that, you could have these shoes back
Of all of this perfume back, necklaces and jewels back
All the shit you buy me”
She said, “I want you back

Spin “Missed Calls” below, and celebrate the tenth anniversary of Blue Slide Park