Memphis artist Fresco Trey has been delivering a ton of fantastic singles over the past few months, and fans are always looking forward to what he will come out with next. The artist has the melodies on lock and he knows how to captivate his audience with storytelling and some personal anecdotes. On his latest single “Draft Kings,” that is exactly what he delivers to listeners, and then some. 

As you will immediately hear throughout the track, the song is about only being able to trust yourself as not everyone will always have your best interests at heart. Trey likens himself to Draft Kings as he is constantly betting on himself to achieve his goals. It is a very inspiring message to convey, and it packaged beautifully into a catchy track that will certainly please his fans, as well as new listeners.

You can check out the new track, below.

Quotable Lyrics:

I hit up Draft Kings
I bet 100 on myself
I been all alone
Ain’t never need nobody else