Lil Nas X is a master when it comes to trolling people. Because of who he is, people like to overanalyze every single frame of every single music video he makes. The artist is well aware of this and purposely uses provocative imagery to rile up the Twitter mob. With his most recent music video for “MONTERO,” that is exactly what Nas-X" class="text-word" target="_blank" >Lil Nas X did as he could be seen giving the devil a lap dance. Twitter Christians damn near fainted over this, and now, he is giving them another reason to clutch their pearls.

MSCHF, the brand behind Drake’s Jesus shoes, are now teaming up with Nike for an Air Max 97 that was made with Lil Nas X in mind. These are called “Satan’s Shoes” and they even contain a drop of blood in the midsole. There is also some red ink on the inside, and for good measure, 666 pairs are being created, with each one going for $1,018 USD.

While the shoes themself are pretty fire, there were certainly those who do not approve. Many claimed that anyone who wears those shoes will be cursed by the devil himself, while others joked that an exorcism is in order for whomever actually puts those shoes on their feet. The overreactions have been pretty amazing, especially when you consider how some are being completely sincere with their outrage.

If you’re curious about what people have to say about the kicks, you can check out the tweets below. Also, let us know what you think, in the comments section.