The rap game wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasn’t for Gucci Mane. He’s released classic projects and maintains a high standard with each album that he produces. During the mixtape run, he was introducing artists to the fold and putting them on massive platforms before anyone else knew who they were. These days, Gucci seems to be settling into the position of being a record label executive more comfortably than he has in the past. The 1017 roster is proof of that.

On Friday, Hotboy Wes and Big Scarr came through with a menacing banger titled, “Free Smoke.” Sinister trap production sits behind them as they detail the harsh realities of the environments they came from.

Check the latest track from Hotboy Wes and Big Scarr below.

Quotable Lyrics
My dawg in the pen, hope they let him up outta there
Trapped everyday ’cause his fetish narcotics
He wrote me a letter, he told me he love me
Just keep me some metal and step on they collar