Today marks the arrival of a new episode of In My Bag, an original series that finds artists showcasing some of their road essentials. Nardo Wick came through to hold it down for the occasion, and if you didn’t know his name, you soon will. The buzzing Jacksonville artist has been steadily gaining notoriety through a slew of hard-hitting singles — not to mention a placement on the Judas And The Black Messiah soundtrack. 

With his next project on the way, Nardo took a moment to break down the contents of his bag — a sleek Gucci duffle — painting a picture of an artist on the road. As one never knows when one might need an extra shirt, Wick keeps the four-pack of black Hanes tees on deck. “Everyday black tees,” he says, noting that he only wore a white one to match his shoes.

Nardo Wick Reveals His Essentials In New Episode Of "In My Bag"
Image via HNHH

Understanding that hygiene is important, Nardo Wick makes sure to keep the dental floss picks close lest his grills suffer as a result. “I got these two months ago,” he explains, speaking about the grills, not the floss. “At first they felt real tight and hard to eat with. You not even supposed to use [floss picks] but they’re more convenient. Next up is money, a copious amount at that; should he ever find himself in a movie-esque situation that calls for slamming a bag of cash on a table, he can damn sure do so. 

“I don’t spend it everyday,” he says. “I keep a lot in case I want to bless somebody. If I see somebody I might–I done gave away like two-thousand dollars. If I feel it in my soul.” Dark though his music may be, he seems ready and willing to play the role of a guardian angel should he feel inspired. It also might help should he see a timepiece that catches his eye, like the diamond-encrusted Cartier watch he keeps on hand.

Check out the full episode of In My Bag now, and look for more music from Nardo Wick to land in the near future. 

Nardo Wick Reveals His Essentials In New Episode Of "In My Bag"
Image via HNHH