Jhonni Blaze Explains Infamous Drake Scandal Once Again: "It Wasn't Cool"

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Years ago, the singer shared alleged intimate bedroom antics involving the rapper, but she's apologized and calls it all "lies."

She's repeatedly apologized about her infamous online scandal with Drake, but Jhonni Blaze doesn't grow tired of talking about the maturation she's endured since that time. The singer, model, and Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta star is known for her hot-headed antics that have, in the past, burned a few bridges. There was the time she reportedly posted Rich Dollaz's phone number on social media and her yelling match with Deb Antney was played out for a global audience on reality television. However, it was her comments about Drake that gave the public pause after detailed alleged bedroom behaviors involving the OVO mogul became a hot topic.

Jhonni would later apologize for her remarks and stated that she wasn't telling the truth, but she still can't avoid being asked about the controversy. In a recent interview, she once again offered up an explanation about why she decided to target Drizzy. "I never really had a—I've been having big platforms and people ask me this and you are one of them. Imma just keep it real," said Jhonni. "I was one of those girls that really thought it was cool to...this is my thing. Y'all remember like, the Kat Stacks and stuff like that. 'Oh, it's good to air out people.' I was never one of the girls that used to be in the bed and take the guy's—I wasn't them. I was just the girl who had a temper."

"I just did stuff to embarrass somebody for attention," she admitted. "It's so embarrassing to say it, but I used to be like that. 'Cause now I'd never do that, but back then I wanted attention. I thought it was cool. He said something I ain't like, and instead of keeping it private, I went off. I thought that was so cool to do."

Jhonni then chastised herself because she recognized that as an artist, she's fumbling her own bag because the very people that she was exposing could have been future collaborators. "I just thought, let's just make up a bunch of lies and just post stuff about him and just be mean and be a girl in our feelings," she added. "It wasn't cool. And I've apologized many times... The good thing is, I'm not blocked no more."

"I was being young and extra." Check out her clip below.

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