Is It Still The Drake Era? Charlamagne Tha God Says "No"

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Charlamagne Tha God says he's not looking forward to Drake's new album and suggests it's no longer his "era".

Drake has reached a level in his career where people know him across the globe, regardless of what YK Osiris has to say on that topic. He's a household name in most countries, transcending music superstardom and connecting to millions of fans. For the last decade, many would say we've been living in the Drake "era", meaning he has been the most innovative artist out. However, for the last 3-4 years, Charlamagne Tha God has seemingly been debating with himself, asking whether we're actually still in that era. The conversation came up on a recent episode of his Brilliant Idiots podcast.

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When asked if he was looking forward to Drake's new album, music journalist and hip-hop enthusiast Charlamagne Tha God said that no, he's not. He explained:

"No... for all the same reasons we love Kendrick [Lamar]. Kendrick makes us wait, Kendrick gives us something to look forward to. Kendrick takes his time--."

The podcaster was cut off by his co-host asking if Drake hadn't released the Dark Lane Demo Tapes, if would be more excited. He replied that he just doesn't know if Drake can out-do himself at this point.

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"Drake has given us so much music that I don't know if he has another gear," added Charla. "We know Kendrick has another gear. He shows us that with every project. Drake has given us so much, I don't know if he has another gear so, therefore, I'm not looking forward to anything. Let me ask y'all a question: are we still in the Drake era? Or is radio such a prehistoric form of media that it hasn't changed the temperature to what's actually going on out here in these streets? It still feels like we're in a Drake era-- I don't think we're in a Drake era, I don't think we've been in a Drake era for the past three or four years."

Do you think it's still Drake's era or has somebody else taken the charge?

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